Tuesday, August 19, 2008


so to put it sraight i got bucked off knotch 2day. i was in a western saddle!!! thats the 1st time i've been thrown from 1!!! and he bucks all the time, but not like this, we were in a pattern and he bucked, lunged, and bucked again, then i fell wen he was about 2 land cuz he bucked and longed off the ground, and if i didnt puch off he woulda dragged me, and since i was falling anyway i pushed off and landed in the mud, (it was raining, has been all week) and i scraped my elbow :( i'm not mad at him, it was no big deal, i'm just scared my mom wont let me ride by myself anymore, i mean u guys no that this was the first time i hurt myself wen somebody was there, i never fall wen i'm with somebody!!! i don't get that!!! bad luck i guess, he's only given me 2 concussions, but thrown my 3 times, well 4 now, i've only had him a year, but only 1 time, 2day has somebody been there. i guess that means i've fallen 8 times, thats not much, jeez i'm lucky. i've been riding almost 9 years so... thats pretty good!!! just got bad luck with wen i fall, this is mainly 2 Kenna, cuz our texts don't get 2 each other anymore cuz my fones broken :( but 4 u who read it, tell me wat u think!!! i'm gonna be so sore 2morrow!!!


Anonymous said...

Yikes. That sounds painful. I guess that's why I ride English lol. I hope you feel better.

Kat said...

wow, it's been a while sorry.
how've you been? aside from today I suppose. my friend -had- riding lessons today but her dad's car broke down right as they were pulling out so she couldn't go. she was pretty pissed about it. on top of that she was switched off the horse she used to ride cause she missed a couple weeks of riding. again. pissed. *rolls eyes* anything you can say about riding I'm sure she could relate to ;)

Kat said...

Ah, my summer's been alright. I'm kinda busy doing little things but it's better then sitting around all day.
My friends and I went down to the weight room at my schools gym today and got on the treadmills/ellipticals so my legs are pretty much falling off from running so much without stopping. It hurts but it feels good in a way, sick and twisted I know, but it's a satisfying feeling cause I know it's from working my legs so hard. =P I'm going to be so sore tomorrow! It was worth it though.

Karl Halliday said...

I too write books on foreign countries. I, quite recently, wrote a comedic book called 'A Travel guide to Vulgaria'. It was a travel guide of a fictional eatern european country that tries to promote the countiry's tourism but ends up diminishing it. It is very funny. I got my inspiration from an identical book called Molvania.

It is good to see that you are so devoted to Muse. You have proved yourself to be one of the few real fans out there. You'll find it eventually. I think you'll like it more than Black Holes and Revelations.

And I have two words to say for both countries; Ireland (Northern Ireland to be specific) is crowded and where it isnt' crowded, it's green. Australia, on the other hand, is desolate, pretty where it isn't desolate and it has unpredictable weather. that's all i can say.

KENNA said...

Snap thats painful...I've been riding for 5 years. I've fallen off 6 times. some are just stupidly.
And the one time Bucky did crap i didn't (!) fall off...Im gonna blog on that

Anonymous said...

Well, I haven't done it in a while and I wasn't too advanced but I did a little jumping although not too much.