Thursday, October 30, 2008

lanuage slaughter

DO NOT SLAUGHTER LANUAGES!!!! if you want to use the word ya'll use it properly!!!!
when or if you choose to say 'ya'll' do NOT, i repeat, do NOT use it when you are adressing only one person!!!(VICKI!!!) it should be a sin!!!! ya'll, is the shortened version of 'you all' so, use it when you're talking to several people!!! got it?!!!!

in other news, i'm never eating meat again!!!! not kidding, i mean seriously, i was thinking about it, some guy was eating a peice of chicken, it was gross, then i thought more about it, and its like, "hey little innocent chicken, lemme take all ur feathers off, rip you apart, then burn you, then sell you to somebody who's gonna cook you again and rip you even more apart with their teeth." ewwww!!!!!! thats really seriously disgusting!!!!!

i made up my mind

ima stay i guess :P i think it would be weird to get on the computer and not go here, believe it or not this is always the first place i check, hmmm, guess i just freaked out over some other stuff... idk

and if you havent heard of angels and airwaves then you need to look them up right this very second!!!! now!!! its called youtube ya'll!!! use it!!! lol thank you very much!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i think i quit

idk about getting on here anymore, not very many people talk 2 me here, so, i think i might not be gettingon as much, or ever again after this week, idk, if you still wanna talk tell me, i'll give you my e-mail, idk, but theres really no point to this anymore if only 2 people read it...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

In Loving Memory

Angela Renee Herzburg
Jan. 20- Oct. 25th 2004

To Angie,
I'm still working on that poem for you, i cant find the right words, because of who you are, and who you always were, i love you so much, we all miss you love.
until, we meet again, love you always,

i finally decided to write something about her, if you dont understand this post and you want to, just ask, but i needed to say something to the world, something to remember her by, this post will always be here, so i can never forget her, so that when i need to remember, then i always can, i'll never forget what a wonderful person she was.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

from bad to worse...

today, i got outa school, and had to take knotch to the vet... you know he's been limping for about a week now... well, after X-rays and 2 hours of a whole bunch of other stuff, we found out knotch has arthritis :( yep, my 9 year old barrel horse ha arthritis in his back left hock. worste. day. ever. i cant ride him for 3 weeks, and then only light work for a while "lease another horse." ya, thats what the vet said, so after a year and a half of training and starting him over, now that we're ready to compete, i cant ride, what a lovely day its been!!! GOOD NITE!!! i might just not wake up either!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

: ( yes the title is the frowny face

humph, knotch got hurt again :( but on a better note, my pole bending is getting better, and my goat tying is getting faster, i'll prolly start competing in those events in a few months... and thats about it, except i got a radiohead cd 2day, 'the best of radiohead' umm 4 and 11 are my favorite, and i started up writing my book again... and maybe i'll start writing some more poems 2... hmmm, idk maybe, maybe not, i dont really care anymore

Saturday, October 18, 2008

dont you just hate it wen...

1. you step in a puddle of water while wearing new shoes(never done that b4, haha)
2. walk into something several times and always 4get its there(i do that all the time)
3. practice really hard for something, and when it comes down to the competition, you totally bomb it(that happened at the rodeo 2nite)
4. want to say something you know you shouldnt, even if its true
5. trip and fall for no reason at all(have done that alot)
6. say something with a double meaning you didnt realize it had till after you said it
7. want to just punch somebody in the face cuz they get on ur nerves
8. turn in ur homework and get everything wrong (has happened to me)
9. benn ocd about #?(that would be me)

so i can only think of 9, which is good, cuz thats my lucky # i have 2 wake up in 5 hours, yet i'm not tired at all :(

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

computer trouble!!!!!!

ok so, i'm at my dads house and theres some weird block on both the computers here, and my laptop doesnt get conection here either, so i probly wont be on as much till like next monday, but i will still be on, trust me :P ugh i'm so bored i had a very unlucky day yesterday, ok so i was in math class and had no idea wat the teacher was talking about so i couldnt do my homework, then i went to riding and got sick, my trainer got on knotch, and then knotch got hurt :( and then i came home and my sister was sick!!! wat is with THAT!!!! not cool at all so there ya have it, i gotta bute knotch 4 the next couple 'a days and his leg is wrapped but i dont know if he can rodeo this weekend :'( but i hope he can, cuz i dont need 2 miss another week, i havent rodeo'd the past 2 times, and that is just not cool, so cross ur fingers he'll heal fast!!!! and keep them crossed we dont totally mess up if we end up going!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

new poem

this one doesnt have a name, itw about my bff kenna, she's been through it all with me so this is for her...

I laugh and I cry,
Without you I’d die,
You brighten my day,
That’s all I can say,

You gave me life,
Pulled me out of my sorrow,
Took out the stabbing knife,
And gave me happiness to borrow,

Instead I kept it,
But you didn’t mind,
My candle is lit,
Because you’re so kind,

I vent when I’m mad,
And go to you when I’m sad,

My feelings matter to you,
And I can’t thank you enough,
For everything you do,
Putting up with all my stuff,

Taking the tough times with me,
You never left my side,
Not letting me just be,
But live, a helpful guide,
Steering me away from the pain,
Taking my hurt away,
I bigger job than I can explain,
There’s no other words to say…

well there you have it, i really do owe my life to this girl, she continues to amaze me, every single day, i love u kenna!!! i miss u!!!! i'll see u next saterday!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rileys Page!!!!

ok, its up and running!!!! i'm really excited go look and see what you think!!! heres the link!!!


they both should work, you just gotta copy and paste it to the url thingy, cuz idk how to make it clickable and all that :P

Monday, October 6, 2008

orchestra concert

so the concert is tomorrow, and yes, i am freaking out :P but i'm excited 2, i've worked really hard, we all have and i thyink we sound pretty good, but i have 2 miss rodeo practice :( and we all no i need 2 work with knotch 2, so 2morrow will be insane, without a doubt, between the test on wednesday in math, the 6 page study guide that has 2 be done in one night, rodeo, and the orchestra concert, i think i'll be ripping my hair out :P jk lol but its all worth it, i love it all, except for the math part :P

and if anybody wants 2 check out Rileys myspace i'm making one 2day after i finnish this post. Riley is the main person in the book i'm writing if ya'll didnt already no that, it should be up by 2night i hope. so tell me wat u think of it, well, one i post the url, but i gotta make it first :P