Monday, August 25, 2008

Gift From Above

so, some of u no i'm not christian. and if u are i respect u for it. but i tend to write and it come out like i am a christian, so i thot i should just say it, i'm not a true one. i sorta believe in him, but i'm not sure, and i have 2 many doubts to say that i'm a christian. so now that thats said and done, here is my poem

You make me smile in the saddest of days,
And you make me laugh when I’m crying,
You brought me out of my darkest haze,
And taught me to live when I was dying,

I love you with all my heart,
This feeling will never die,
I’ve loved you from the very start,
I’ll never say goodbye,

To you I owe my soul,
And all of my love,
You make me whole,
My gift from above.


SMILEE said...

yeah im very physical.. i love biting.. (not hard) mostly the neck and ear.... yeah its weird but thats how i express affection... the most fun thing is like when you do it in front of a teachers there like "oh my gosh!" and its so funny...

SMILEE said...

absolutely hate??? my girlfriend wont let me bite her.. it sucks but thats about it (if i think of anything else i'll tell you)

Skippy said...

Since you have all these poems, maybe you should make them all into a book or something. Just a idea... I've always liked the idea of being published. I mean how many people can say wrote a book?

awesome poem!

aivilo relluf said...

That's the cool thing about poetry, it can be interpretted in so many different ways, making it a mystery. Only the writer can tell for sure what it's truly about, and sometimes not even they know.

Aghh I know it's freaking rediculous. If it keeps going on like this, I'm totally going to. I mean we've only had GIRLS soccer for four years, while the guys have had it forever, but we have just as much right to the same opportunities.

Yeah, it's totally better than nothing :). I'm glad the week's speeding by, but then again I'm not because school's wicked soon.. yikes! Oh, I finished Breaking Dawn by the way :):)! I think it was you who told me to tell them when I finished..

Nice poem, again. You're good at writing, keep it up. I'm with you on the whole religious thing.. I think the term for it is agnostic. Like, I don't deny it's possible, but I also know it can't be proven, which is why religion is all about faith, so it makes sense,.. but I guess it's just not for me. I have nothing against what anyone else believes though, it's all cool :).

Coolboyonli1 said...

Hey Taylor Tot that was a real nice poem. I write a little myself.
Here goes:
why do people live just to die
why do people laugh
why do people cry
Why is it that things happen for a reason
whay does the weather change turing the seasons
some many questions
so little time
so little answers
and so I ask why?

Karl Halliday said...

at last? enjoying it? This may sound strange but my favourite song on it is 'Interlude'. I love it. Though, cus it aint a real song, then I'll go with stockholm syndrome. You'll rly enjoy the cd.

Another good poem too...

And I think i've said enuf about phelps

My P@TD concet is tomorrow. Looking forward to it :)

SMILEE said...

and work on that physical thing .. its fun when you get used to it..

dont say that.. i like to bite! she wont let me o something else but it might be weird depending on who you are (not gross)