Monday, June 30, 2008

Grifyn Tot

My little sisters new name is Grifyn Tot. Not plain old Grifyn, Actually i LOVE the name Grifyn. it totally fits her too... she is 8 yrs old and she has curly blonde hair and light blue eyes that are huge shes really pretty and funny so thats why i have to call her Grifyn Tot!
I'm out, Taylor Tot

Knotch- forgot about this one

oooh i forgot knotch is scared of leaves sometimes so i'm not looking forward to fall! =) lol but i'm serious... a leaf!!!

my third horse Knotch

He is... well Knotch, like i said earlier he can't make up his mind, hes all over ther place and i couldnt love him more, he threw me into a fence and i was knocked unconscious. he has given me 2 concussions and i can't even be mad at him, usually i end up defending him and at the same time accusing him of being stupid, and its all out of love. hes my scaredy-cat barrel horse for high school rodeo. he loves to buck and not listen, but thats just him, and sometimes its irritating but other times i just don't care, theres not much else 2 say... Kenna if you want to add anything please do I'm out Tayor Tot

my crazy 2nd horse... RUSTY

Well while beginining the search for my High School rodeo horse i had a rough start. RUSTY was my second horse and when i went to look at him, he was almost perfect, and he was only a thousand dollars. well poeple, i'm gonna give you a hint, DON'T GET A HORSE WITHOUT DOING EXTENSIVE RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When we got rusty home he was calm and sweet. the next morning he tried to attack me and tried to bite my dad, kicked a hole in the barn wall and bit Dolly several times. and he didn't just pace, he ran from side to side frantically until he was panting so hard i was about ready to call a vet. we later found out that the person we bought him from druged him so he would listen. yep, not kidding!!! soon though i got him comfortable around me, not even close to a well behaved horse, i was the only one who could get near him without being charged or kicked. nobody would buy him so we sold him at auction, and for some reason, i actually miss him, i really do, i hope hes okay, maybe he's a good horse now, i don't know, but i hope for the best.

my first horse Dolly

Right so i started riding when i was 6. so that means i've been riding... 8 years, only 6 years with a trainer, i had to quit for 2 years, but i already had my first horse, Dolly! she is the sweetest horse ever. i still have her actually, shes 26 now shes got arthritis and i'm the only one who rides her, and only bareback. if you don't know how to read what shes thinking your gonna be all over the place. Dolly has a... crazy? background. She used to be a proffesional rodeo horse, she did cutting and she was one of those horses who get the cowboys off the bulls. well she had a bad accident, a bull horned her, cutting into her skin so deep they thought she would only be able to walk ever again, so they sold her, she was put to pasture for 3 years, and they ended up selling her to my riding coach, and Dolly had recovered well, so she retrained her, so she was a competitive barrel horse. then she got old and they let some of the more expierienced riders ride her in lessons. at the time i was 7 and going to my first horse show, but 2 weeks before the show, they found out there was rodeo and the horse i was suppost to ride wasnt going to be at the show, so she put me on Dolly, i had only ridden her twice and i won a 3rd and a 5th in the show which was awesome to me. so i started to ride her in lessons. a few years later we bought her, and we went to another show when i was 10 and won High-Point! so now ive been riding her 7 years and she is my other half, itslike... when i'm riding her, our brains are connected or something i know i sound like a freak when i say that, but its true. and thats my story with Dolly.

My walls are done!!!

okay... so, we painted like, three diferant blues on my walls and mixed them together. and you know what it looks pretty awesome, i must say, especially for an 8 year old and a bunch of teenage girls smashed in a room trying to paint and all that, i love it!!! now all i have to do is paint the trim black and my furiture. but thats gonna have to wait. i'm going 2 my moms house, i havent seen her in like 4-ever and i miss her so much!!! i'm gonna be there a whole month then i'm comming back and then by the time school starts i'll be back at my moms!!! so this whole black trim and all that is gonna be on hold for a while but after that i'm gonna have a normal room!!! With out all my furniture pushed into the center and crap piled all over my bed and i'll be able to get to my clothes which is exciting because i knocked all my stuff off my dresser trying to get to my clothes and was extreamily irritated because it was 5:30 in the morning and that is just way to early!!! but my mom was flying so she couldnt bring Knotch to riding at 8 so we had to drive there and its kind of a long drive and then catching Knotch is a whole nother story!!! then driving back, Jeez! it take 4-ever!!! but thats okay it was worth it i got to enjoy knotch rip my fingers off everytime i tried to stop him, jk, not really but i do love riding at mrs.elaines, shes a real life savor, i've been riding with her since i was 6. she taught me 2 ride, she sold me my first horse and helped me win 2 all-arounds. so basically my whole riding thing is because of her awesomeness!!! but u know what... i got way off track. i do that all the time!!! i was talking about painting walls and now i'm talking about riding horses... actually now i'm talking about my weird unfocused talking and now i'm thinking about it and now i'm goona make a new one of these thingylabobers to talk about riding,
im out... Taylor Tot


Ok, so my horse knotch= ) i love him and hate him all at once. hes stupid and smart, crazy and calm, all over the place and collected, HE CAN'T MAKE UP HIS MIND!!! but neither can I. I haven't ridden him in like... for ever but he... i don't know, he's just... HIM and 4 those of you who have seen him you know exactly what i'm talking about, like... he is so picky. when it comes to bits, if there is anything at all that isn't perfect... he just goes insane, runs around and bucks. its so stupid, yet 4 some odd reason i love him 2 death, i mean seriously why? i don't know! he threw me into a fence for crying out loud and given me 2 concussions!!! and you know what i would feel like the meanest most horrible person in the entire world if i ever hurt him!!! i could never sell him either i don't know what it is about him, but he's special, he's Knotch
I'm out

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I am a huge Twilight fan! At the end of Eclipse i totally hated Jacob, but now i totally LOVE him! how can you not!? I mean seriously all you Jacob haters, he SAVED BELLA'S LIFE for crying out loud! if you hate Jacob i hate you, ok maybe not but we're gonna have serious issues me and you. One reason is because i'm in love with Paul yes, i said Paul. HE IS AWESOME!!! and yes i am in that 1 percent who loves somebody other than edward or Jacob, i mean i love them but i'm not in love with them, you know what im mean, anyway i'm out

This is one of my Fav. poems

Ok i love this one its by Philippe Jaccottet I think its called " Chant d' en Bas

All words are written in the same ink,
"flower" and "power" say, are much the same,
and though I might write, " blood, blood, blood" all over the page,
the paper would not be stained,
nor would I bleed

My room

I'm remaking my room! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now i can finally make it all about my favorite books. I'm exited its gonna be blue with black trim and all my horse crap is going out! I'm gonna have like... a shrine of Twilight New Moon and Eclipse and then The Outsiders and Sarah Dessens books. I'm soooo excited theres gonna be a whole wall for books!!! Oh and The Vampire academy series is definatly gonna have a big spot and so is Vampire Beach OMG i'm sooooooo excited!!! can't wait till its done i just started painting!!!

my latest poem

What shes become

She is numb,
Completely unaware,
What has she become?
They were the perfect pair,

Why would he leave,
It doesn’t make sense,
Now she just grieves,
They were so intense,

She’s always in a daze,
Not really listening,
Her mind is a haze,
She used to be glistening,

I can’t believe what she’s become,
It’s as if she’s already dead,
She’s just always so glum,
Why couldn’t she go out with mike instead?

I need some help with my book

so... I've been writing a book. Its about this girl named Riley. Her parents die in some sort of accident. Haven't figured that out yet. Okay the book starts out at her parents funeral and she goes to stay at her long- time best friends house, his name is Jason. they've been best friends since 5th grade. they were really close. their families took vacations together and stuff. She stays with his family for a couple of weeks just to get her barings and stuff. then she moves back into her parents house and she and Jason clean it, she starts crying and they kiss or what-ever, but she doesnt think shes ready for a relationship. the next day she changes her mind...She and Jason start dating and stuff. they spend like, every minute together. thats all I've got so far.

Help me out send me comments on what you think should happen. i'm stuck, i just can't seem to think of what happens next. I just can't!!! I've been on the same chapter for over a month and i sit there reading the chapter over and over until the words start spinning around and i get so sick of looking at i just can't take it any more!!! Its driving me insane! pretty soon if i don't get an idea shes gonna be Bella and jump of a cliff for fun but Jacob and Sam are not going to find her!!!