Tuesday, August 26, 2008

knotch is so good

well the title only goes with the end.
so, school is boring, i got homework the 1st day, but watever, it wasn't alot. all my teacher are pretty cool 2, which is good. um, my schedule is good 2!!! orch. health ed :( algebra then biology. biology is by far the most boring subject, but the class is fun anyway, cool people in there. some are moronic, but watever, i had them in class for 3 years, and 1 more ha\our and a half for 1 semester wont kill me. i dont think anyway, lol. i'm just kidding. so now for the title to kick in
i was riding dolly and purposfully pissing knotch off. and wen dolly wouldnt follow him he would run around bucking and getting mad, so for about 20 minutes i took dolly and put her but facing him, becuz in horse talk thats like shunning him, knotch was NOT happy about it, so ye kicked and bucked and reared and tried everything 2 get her attention, but since i was in control, he got none, finally i walked off and he followed!!! :) go me and dolly right?!!! anyway of course i was on bareback and all, so running around was so fun, we raced a car, we also lost, but she's 28, wat did u expect?! but it was so fun anywho, so i fed them and spent about 45 min. with the nervous reck of a horse that just happens 2 be mine and called Knotch. i decided 2 get on, but i didnt want 2 tack up, so i put his bridle on and rode him bareback. now when i say that, please realize that this is a high risk for my health, and my life!!! bucuz last time i rode him bareback, he bucked me off, time b4 that he bucked me off time b4 that, he tried but only half heartedly, time b4 that he threw me in2 a fence, and the time b4 the time i rode him last with a saddle he threw me, and not 2 brag, but that takes effort!!! hes the 1st horse who has thrown me in a western saddle, and i've been riding 9 years, and ridden some crazy horses. back 2 2day, knotch was an absolute ANGEL!!!we walked and trotted without a problem, but i didnt want 2 push it right after a that big 20- 30 min. fit so i got off. it was an awesome day!!! love u knotch and dolly!!! parker- i miss u honey!!! thats my baby bty, well he's my dog, but he stays at my dads house, and i'm with my mom right now, have'nt seen him in a while :( miss u!!! anyway going 2 bed nite everybody!!!


SMILEE said...

thank you very much.. i appreciate the sympathy ;)

SMILEE said...

1st period: just rambles on
2nd : yells but also made me fall asleep 3 consecutive times and like sweat cuz it was so hot.
3rd: awesome (cuz its weight training)
4th:nice and funny class
5th: nice but i only know 1 person in it
6th: friends in it but i hate math so i dont really like it...

SMILEE said...

how bout you

aivilo relluf said...

I've never been very into poetry, but maybe I should give it a try :P, I like complexity, so it could work.

The soccer issue was brought up at our school-improvement picnic today, and our principal told us to make requests to our coach, and if we were denied equality, then take it back up with him and he'll fix it. So woohoo :P.

Ahh I loved Breaking Dawn, it was a good end to the trilogy, although I'm sad there isn't more :'(. I guess it is best that they stop while they're ahead, instead of dragging on to the point where they begin to suck, because that ruins the whole set of books when that happens.

I hate when people aren't willing to see things in a new way. Like I know people are very attached to their faith, but sometimes it makes them blind to other things, if they let it get that extreme. Especially when people won't associate with those who disagree religion-wise. Their own faith should be enough, how other people feel shouldn't be a problem. I'm glad we agree too :).

It sounds like you had a good day with the horses. That's good Knotch behaved, and didn't buck you off or anything, hopefully he keeps up the good attitude. Can't expect him to be an angel every day, but it would be nice not to be thrown off I assume :P.

bella cullen said...

just felt like telling you that i LOVE how fiesty paul is :]
WOOT WOOT twihards :]
i was team edward/switzerland b4 BD but i think jacob's book was AWESOME in BD so i'm more on the jacob side in switz right now....you?

WOOT WOOT i love black too!