Monday, August 11, 2008

My Dolly

ok so this poem is about my horse Dolly,i've known her for almost 9 years, been riding her for 8. she is the best horse EVER i love her so much!!! so i wrote this about her. its not that good but thats ok, watever. so here goes

A heart of gold,
So pure and sweet,
I grab a hold,
And take a seat,

You make me whole,
My beautiful mare,
You carry my soul,
We are a pair,

You glide along,
And carry me well,
A beautiful song,
Your hoof beats tell.

heres another 1.

Darkness surrounds me,
Like a blanket of calm,
Helping me see,
A sweet loving song,

I carry it with me,
Where ever I go,
My secret key,
To loving you so,

Without you,
The light is gone,
I welcome the dark,
A sweet loving song,

It takes my aching for you away,
So I can see,
It gets me through the day,
Letting me be,

I need you here,
My true love,
My sweet dear,
We fit like a glove.

i hoped you enjoyed them!!!- Taylor Tot


Skippy said...

They're both nice, I think Dolly would like them(not to sound odd or anything). I like better the first one better, almost more than the second one.

QueenStitches said...

Really Good
Thanks for commenting on mine
if u wana chat email me

Stephanie:) said...

Wow thier both really buetiful.
But I have to say the first one was the best.
Keep on writing!

You really like vampire books don't you?

Karl Halliday said...

The rhyming in the first one is very good - it is very relevant. Though the second one is not as good to be honest. Though it is still good, it just seems like it doesnt fit together (like an actually glove) lol. That was supposed to be a joke. It was crappy though. All well. Voilas are awesome instruments. They really go good with bass beats in rock. Go to hear about gymnastics. They are exciting. The majority of my day is me watching the olympics. I am absolutely glued to it. lol. Yeah, that other Muse album is great. I know you will really like it.

Current Interest;

House of the Rising Sun by MUSE (Animals Cover)

Try the above song. You will probably need to download it because it is ultra rare and it isn't on any of the albums. Enjoy tGtBatQ (the good, the bad and the queen)

McKenna said...

Awww, I'll find a horse like that. My mom agrees on the 2 horse thing. MUA HA HA HA HA!

Skippy said...

LOL can we say type-o?

I like the first one almost as much as I like the second one. Sorry for the confusion!!!

aivilo relluf said...

Thanks for the comment :).
I love the summer too, it's so carefree and relaxing. No school is always a bonus too. I'm glad you liked my pictures. I liked your poems about your horse. I live on a farm, so I know what it's like being out in the barn for a really long time :P, wears you right out.

Karl Halliday said...

sof course i know what a voila is!

Current interest;

Mr Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)

I've had a sudden liking for old 60s/70s rock such as ELO and the Beatles. I'd definitely advise trying this song.

McKenna said...

I like the second one. It's different. I don't play by the rule on my poetry. I just write...Paragraphs.

::beccaELECTROCUTE said...

aww this is so cute!
i wish i had a horse!
and thank you for the comment.
sorry it took me so long to get back to you.
so how's your summer going?
i'm sad cuz mine is almost over =/
<3 becca.

aivilo relluf said...

Well actually it's a dairy farm, so no horses :P. Well, I used to have a horse, but as she got too old to ride, and I got too busy to give her enough attention, I let this really nice little boy I know take her. It's good that you get to spend so much time doing something you love :), and nothing beats a good sleep.

Ali loves The Dark Knight! said...

i totally enjoyed them!! awesome job!!

GiGi said...

I love them they're very touching keep writing!!!