Sunday, February 8, 2009

theory here

I'm hoping she eats by tomorrow, i'll post any news on that matter on my other, new blog. but right now, i'm contemplating something. listen. i've heard some people live in the past, am i correct? yes, i am btw. but then, isn't that just another way of saying that some people live in the future? i do believe it is. now, contemplate.

minute 1 of contemplating

minute 2 of contemplating

minutes 3 of contemplating

3 is lucky, times up.
here are my thoughts.
no, i did not just spend 3 minutes contemplating, and if you did, your mind needs to think a bit quicker. if somebody lives in the past, then from that persons perspective, lots of people live in the future. so there is time travel. there is life in outer space, pluto is a freaking planet dumbass scientists, and humans in 900 years will be extinct, and dinosours will roam once again, the earths plates will create pangea once again on the opposite side of the earth than last time, and repeat the process, we are not the first, we are not the last, and we are not the middle. we are the past, the present, and the future, we... are not real.


simpleman said...

woah.. thats quite the thought. Very deep.

Victoria said...

i agree with simpleman: that is very deep. its also confusing, but yet i understand it.

and pluto is a planet, the cutest of them all. the scientists are dumbasses for saying its not.

Anonymous said...

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krl said...

sounds good. vicky can have the bald drummer or some gay guy from three days grace.

sounds fair too.


krl said...

i got it wrong. she doesnt know. my sources lied. or shes lying. hmmm....

you watched radiohead at the grammys didnt you? i hear you love in rainbows...


simpleman said...

Thanks for commenting! Im so happy you liked that post. How is everything now? How is your horse?

krl said...

yeah it was amazing. thom. your hairstyle is mine!!

loved his shoes. though they cost 1600 dollars or something... ugh...