Tuesday, February 10, 2009

our future

In the years to come, i grant enough wisdom to the human race, kill off our future children, tortured by the past, hurting in the present, and killing in the future. As i grow older, i come to find all the details of the human race more and more significant. how one single gum wrapper on the wilting grass hurts our home, our earth. one thing about us, as i say, our home, our earth, i realize, it is not ours, it is not property, it owns us. WE are the ones who learn from the earth, the arrogance we have to say, 'our earth' 'our planet' when in reality, we, the human race, is but a small, nearly invisible speck in our galaxy. but if this is true, then how are we causing earth so much harm? because all humans, everyday, no matter how enviromnent friendly you are, hurt the environment. think of that one, small, seemingly insignificant gum wrapper on the wilting grass. well, if every person on this planet threw just one gum wrapper on the ground a day, what do you think would come of it? not good. imagine if there were no environment friendly people living. think of the image, picture it. i see death everywhere, i see no future, and i see no earth. every person makes a difference, this seems to be where people miss the point, we say 'its just one gum wrapper, who cares?' when waht we should see is 'this is one gum wrapper on the ground everyday, if i live to be 90, thats 90 gum wrappers, if every one was like me, how many gum wrappers is that? how many trees did we kill for no reason?'
lets be real though, we all know that not every single person will care about the earth. so, if you care, help, maybe you can restore what that persons 90 gum wrappers, if you see trash on the ground, PICK IT UP! if you can carpool DO IT, if where you are going is in walking distance, WALK. its not just that one time, its that one time a day, for the rest of your life, form good habits. don't be the killer of our children, our future.


Victoria said...

great post, its so true. we are destroying the earth, and if everyone knows what theyre doing, hopefully they will stop. its just that so many people are so self-centered, they dont even care what happens to their grand children, but they would care if it was happening to them.

you sound like karl... (;

simpleman said...

You are very right. We definitely have to help the environment wayyy more than we currently are. People are just negligent and lazy and thats a lot of it.

James said...

Yes understand that. We must help our earth. for lack of a better words! :D I hope you know you can talk to me whenever you want. :D keep feeling good.

krl said...

im so darn tired.

we got off the bus today from swimming. i seemingly was the only one dancing around screaming 'im alive! god thank i survived that!'

what are the chances of not surviving a car/vehicle journey. actually, i think we all should be more than pleased to walk out of those deathmachines alive.


krl said...

I've never heard you be so concerned with the environment. You've been like this ever since you met her 0.o


Victoria said...

yeah, i guess. its just now i can't believe that i like him, now its starting to annoy me. hes probably the only guy who wouldnt tell me he liked me if he did and he kknew i liked him. :(

Victoria said...

yeah yeah, i know: that everything about him i hate is what i love. its very sad. :P