Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mark Twain

"Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured."
- Mark Twain

i love this quote, i spent two hours trying to find it, only for vikki to get it for me, and saying i had been searching the wrong persons quotes, ugh, i was very angry :(

Viola is going good, i rarely talk about it here, but i practiced about 3 hours today, on a song called m to the 3rd power, then air, and modus a' 4
good songs. i also listened to radiohead and muse for a few hours, i hadnt hear muse for a while, new found respect, i love them more than i remember. radiohead is just the best... no questions asked. i like orange juice, just to tell you, i'm done. not much else to say.


Victoria said...

i like orange juice. apple juice is kinda gross, eew. i dont like orange juice with pulp in it though, thats just nasty. :P

dr. g would be proud. :)

Victoria said...

impatient texan.

Victoria said...

i dont like air. its a great song, just not my favorite. what about you? wow, thats lame. sorry, thats all i can think of. im sure you can reply to that. :P

Ali said...

i love orange juice. i love radiohead and muse.

krl said...

met me.

Allison said...

Hi. hehe. Im trying to get into radiohead but i don't think im listening to the right songs not sure :/ I like cranberry juice not really orange juice i like apple juice though too.

krl said...

you werent aware of global warming before me? typical americans....

joke. well, within reason. still, its ironic. americans produce more waste and pollution that the rest of the world doubled. yet so little are fully aware.

your statement is proof. 'i freaked when i realised how much humans have did do the earth'.

humans didnt do it. but its our responsibility. we are supposed to take care of our earth. god said so. and now look were we are. might as well prevent it while we can.

i almost never go by car. only public transport or walking. andi try to cut down on waste. recycle. though most of my house's electricity is solar powered anyway. so our family is not necessarily good for the family, just not as bad as everyone else. though my sister and brother dont give a shit obviously. they are naive and immature. brother makes fun of me a lot too because im so 'depressive' and stuff and i 'want to spread mu sulkiness to the world so everyone else can be unhappy. then ill be happy.'

hes a cock for the record.


krl said...
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krl said...

nah, they are already aware. well, my brother anyway.

he just has little interest in helping.

i got threw to the ground yesterday by this big guy for yelling at him after he through away a mcdonalds bag full of plastic. so he thought it would be a good idea to pick me up and throw me against the concrete. my hand was quite badly bent back (i landed on it) and there was blood all over it. i just picked up the rubbish, washed the blood off and went home.


Terrihpfb said...

met me.