Saturday, January 10, 2009

pictures for the kind sir

my very large family

my beautiful sister macy with the sunglasses :P

Gryffin, my second youngest sister

My lovely aunt Julie

The adorable little Harper, the youngest in my family

my awesome brother colten, the oldest of the siblings, and my only blood sibling, rocks his curly red hair :P lol.

julie and a hell of a lot of stairs, you can't see them all, but omg, there were alot

3rd youngest, miss mckenna, love her, even with her weird poses for pictures

Macy and my father, mike

haha, my brother in his russian hat :P he got it for christmas and used it on the slopes

Scooby, the three year old wonderful gelding i'm training


Victoria said...

i love scooby, hes so cute!!! and colten has the coolest hat ever! :)

KENNA said...

awwww Mrs. Elaines place...I miss it so much!